My latest book has come out.  It’s called The Dreamist. It’s set at the turn of the 21st Century.  Lets get a little perspective…

If this were the year 1900…  You may have heard of the automobile.  You may even know someone who has seen one.  The telephone is about to come along.  Electric light, the Radio and the Airplane will soon become part of life.

We are now standing in the second decade of the new millennium.  What’s it going to look like at the turn of this century?

Think about it.  The war on Terror becomes the Dreaming Wars.  In the 2050’s someone invents technology that allows us to project our thoughts into a holographic matrix.  A great boon to civilization.  At the party to celebrate the successful demonstration of this device, its inventor passes out from inebriation and as a joke one of the assistants straps it onto his head.  He projects some of the oddest dream images ever seen outside of the world of the unconscious.   Twenty years later it’s a game show. This is where The Dreamist begins.

If you are interested in a signed copy, get in touch at otherwise Amazon, Barns and Noble or Author will provide you with assistance.  My Gratitude, Neville


R. Neville Johnston

In meditation there is one spot in deep deep space to which I was drawn. Daily I would visit this place. It seemed to be void of even atoms. In this peace, this quiet, one day, I had the realization that this place, like all the rest of the universe was, well me. I had an equal epiphany about it when I came to know that I could not be separate from it. It was found instantly after this. A different relationship smithed with it. I recognized it as my “Primary Self.” We’ve had years of conversation.

My primary self communicated that this was the part of me that had made the decision to separate from God, but had not yet made the decision to incarnate. Every day I would ask it to teach me something, still daily. A bit of the fruit from this magnificence is that: the more loving we are the more powerful we are. In fact the most loving person on Earth would be the most powerful person. Contrary to society’s teachings eh? Still it is true.

Which brings me to the point of this particular writing. To wit, we call someone that retains this child like ability to be loving, naive. We seem to take it to task to break the heart on anyone this naive. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Clause.

Our second word is amateur. This originally (French) meant someone who did things for the love of doing them. How naive. By the way in doing something for the love of doing it your heart is leading you. Again how naive. Yet this is exactly what we all seek. Well, allot of us.

As soon as one’s heart is broken we loose naiveté. Along with the ability to love and like rats deserting a sinking ship we enter a state of watching out for number one. Along with this may go our status as an amateur. Once we have lost our amateur on board, we are then referred to as a professional. Other monikers include, a cold heartless bastard, and this is wether or not your parents were married. The lack of naiveté is called maturity.

So I put to you the questions: What are you going to do about it? What will you teach our children?

The essence of a true healing as it is here at the beginning of the second decade of the twenty-first century is for someone to hold in their mind’s eye, the updated idea of a particular person.  This healee then agrees, by their choice, to assume their divine template and this individual therefore miraculously transforms.  A few weeks back in the dysfunctional environment and they revert to their original defect, most often.  A percent of the time the fix holds and to some degree they begin the process for others around them.  Still we are progressing slowly.

First of all: We don’t have to have someone hold our essence, we can do it for our selves.  We can make this very same decision to assume our divine template and therefore transform our selves and our lives.  The petard is living amongst the others of us who view skeptically, if at all, our metamorphosis.

This environment is a program running.  Like any computer program there is a delete key.  This key to our conundrum is not more healers, it is changing the basic language in which we think. When we are dumped back into the day to day with its disempowering thought forms and its caustic effects we can adapt by translating these barbs into wisdom directly.  Change the language we think in and we change ourselves!

Go to and get a copy of “Hidden Language Codes.”  Begin to change the way in which thought happens in your own mind.  When you feel ready get a copy of “Eleven Self-Empowerment Protocols.”  This book will open the ideas of no longer thinking in polarity and thus living exclusively in duality and beginning the process of having a mind that thinks in trinities.  Strangely enough both books were written by the author of this article, R. Neville Johnston.  Now you think you know why this was written, true enough that is one reason.  Another correct answer is that I’m looking for a little company and a third correct answer is to assist hupersonity to a higher level of consciousness.

The world we live in, our society is one of madness.  For aeons, psychologists have pointed out that the first step is to admit it.  Once we can admit it, it no longer controls us, we don’t resist it.  Lets face it every last one of us is insane. This is to varying degrees, of course.  The second step is to allow this fact and voila we are in a position to change.  So lets play the game, “Name Your Insanity!”

I’ll go first, and with great resolve I will admit that I have the idea that I’m perfect, know all the answers, and of course have incarnated on a planet of drunken howler apes, as the best possible therapy for a deep seeded ennui.  The only external proof of it I have is the literary reference in Edward Gory’s, The Fatal Lozenge: An Alphabet, specifically, N is for Neville Who Died of Ennui.

Ready to play the game?  Then what is your insanity?   Just approaching it from this angle will make our world a saner place to be.  In the event that you choose it, Thanks for commenting!

In searching for a synonym for love, and after years, I came up with one.  It is not a real word and yet it is a synonym.  It is “risk.”  I taught this for years, to hear someone say, “Risk is Love.” (Cathartic)

My next on the list is that power and love are the same thing.  Witness that were some one to return love for anything that happened to them, they would be the most powerful person on Earth, invulnerable in a real sense and indefatigable.

Since everything is in a trinity, the third entry would be “everything,” (is love.)  Sequentially then the “Universe” is another listing.

I put it to you, what is another synonym for Love?

First of all, the quotes around VS; polarity, duality, opposites always reveal themselves as having more like qualities than opposed qualities.  It’s called the axiom of trinity.  “For any two opposites there is a third principal that will reveal them as the same thing.”  For example good and evil are the same thing because they are both teachers.  So, no VS.  Command and Allowing are both qualities of free will.

The premise is that everything that occurs in our life is our idea, our choice.  This is what freewill means.   No one said that it is a conscious decision.  Yet it is all our idea.   Most of the time the average of us is distracted by the (b)lame game.  Blaming: luck, chance, random, God or our upbringing for whatever perceived woes we have stumbled across.  Still everything that happens is our choice.  Not conscious choice but our decision nonetheless.  This is the unconscious use of free will.  Conscious or unconscious everything is by our command.

When we introduce the idea of allowing.  I allow this to be happening.  I allow this to exist. I allow this effect; we have begun breakthrough consciousness.

Here is how it works.  I allow this and at the same time I know it is my idea.  Why did I do this.  It was to get me to have a different idea about my self.  The music next door is loud.  It is loud enough to get my attention so that I can regain command.  Just finding out that it’s our idea is enough.

When we recognize it as our command (by allowing) we gain conscious command of it.  Then true magic happens: Once we allow, we are free to place our attention elsewhere.  Then we grow something else.  Until we allow, we and our sacred attention, are locked into a growing rage.

These are concepts that serve us well.  I allow them to spread.

Lets start a little at the beginning.  Picture the first great civilization on our planet… Beautiful beings, magnificent architecture.  It was located in what is now called the Sahara Desert.  How fine the sand is, is in direct ratio to how much the place was trashed.  It was so long ago that I’ve never heard its name pronounced. 

This was followed by Mu, a delightful, a matriarchal, a naive society, which lived money free war free and only some what guilt free.  It was taken over by nasty aliens and sunk into the sea.  No biggie, lets just put that one behind us.

Next came the Atlantis. Patriarchal, again invaded, this time by Martians, went tech crazy and was destroyed as a result of an inner stellar war.  The Grand Canyon was as a result of a laser weapon.  And again, Atlantis sunk in the sea. 

Our current civilization, lets call it the Ameuroasian.  Something different is happening here. 

First lets set the stage.  A mad man named Hussein, declares war on the United States and what?  Owing to early onset senility he forgets to buy a nuclear bomb?  No, no wait, he couldn’t afford one?  Hock a solid gold toilet?  No, no, It must have been the Arms merchants.  Their high moral fiber, wouldn’t allow them to sell him a bomb.  No, Saddam had a bomb!  True, and he set it off a few minutes after midnight on that first day of the Gulf war.

I know, I was watching CNN.  A British anchorman was standing in front of a spire, (an onion shaped tower, also called a Persian tower.)

Behind him appeared the classic energy pulse (wink) of a nuclear explosion. 

Our newsman turned around and said, “Look at that mushroom shaped tower.”  Any one who is British and has a news anchorman job has at least a Masters in English and a very large vocabulary.  Yet he referred to it as mushroom shaped. 

What had happened was that the fission had been reversed with in a moment of its detonation.  This was accomplished by extraterrestrial engineers, or if you prefer by God in the form of extraterrestrial engineers.  They laid down a dampening field and reversed the explosion. 

The time line was sniped between the words mushroom and tower.  This was done because the rest of the universe didn’t want to wait another x thousand years for us to reinvent the internet.

What this means is that we are “out of the woods.”  We are going to build an advanced civilization right here on our beloved Mother Earth.  Ya!

There are some other stipulations.  In order to qualify to be called advanced, we will pass 80 generations without war.  I believe we have yet to pass one.

Another aspect, and it’s the reason the media can so easily sell us disaster flicks, is that we are use to our civilization collapsing.  We could say at this point, that we are addicted to falling down.  This could give us the idea that building an advanced world is, excuse the expression, “hard.”  It’s not.  The idea of, not building it, this would be “hard.”

Now the question becomes what will we do to assist this process?  Personally, the TV show, <> also the writing and the teaching.  The answer for any of us could be as simple as, simply being.  If you wish write us back and let us know what you might decide to do.

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